CSAW CTF Qualification Round 2013 Trivia 50

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Trivia 1

1.Drink all the booze, __ all the things!

Trivia 2

2.What is the abbreviation of the research published in the Hackin9 issue on nmap by Jon Oberheide, Nico Waisman, Matthieu Suiche, Chris Valasek, Yarochkin Fyodor, the Grugq, Jonathan Brossard, and Mark Dowd?

Trivia 3

3.What is the common name for a single grouping of instructions used in a Return Oriented Programming payload, typically ending in a return (ret) instruction?

Trivia 4

4.What is the new web technology that provides a web browser full-duplex communication to a web server over a single connection?

Trivia 5

5.What is the x86 processor operating mode for running 64-bit code?

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